Please Note I Will Not Be Performing Marriages Until End Of July 2021.


Marriage Officer

I am very passionate about weddings and would like to share that passion with you on your wedding day. I have as an ordained pastor and registered marriage officer been conducting marriages for more than 30 years. I am willing to conduct denominational and non-denominational Christian marriages for heterosexual couples. I also perform Renewal of Vows ceremonies for married couples who would like to remember the vows that they took at their wedding… Read More

Marriage Coaching

As a relationship, partnership, pre-marital and marriage coach, I support you to transform your skills in relating to yourself and your significant other, with relationship coaching. I understand each partnership is different, just as each individual is different. I support you to develop commitment, confidence and deeper respectful connections. This will promote a growth mindset, supporting your desire for a lifetime relationship…  Read More