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Should bees fly

No. Bees have very big bodies in comparison to the size of their wings as well as carry heavy loads of pollen. Scientifically it has been thought on paper that bees should not be able to fly. Recently their flight… Continue reading

Values and norms

In all instances the couple brings with them into the relationship various values and norms.

Values can best be described as “Important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad… Continue reading


In the course that I am doing to improve my coaching, one of the questions that is asked involves negativity. How negative people around you have an influence on your mood and the way you see life.

As I was… Continue reading

Quality time

I thought we could spend some time looking at one of “The Five love languages” by Gary Chapman.

I will be explaining the love language,” Quality Time” because it is the one that I feel fits in best with me… Continue reading

Dealing with family

There are many issues that can affect a marriage. These often start becoming a possible issue in the first two to three years of the marriage.

One of these is Parent/family interference.

Often parents are unwilling to let their son… Continue reading

17 nuggets of wisdom for newlyweds

My blog this week is based on an article by Taryn Hillin in the Huffington Post (Updated 26/02/2015), entitled “17 Things Married People Want Newlyweds To Know.” To gain information married couples were asked to share their best piece of… Continue reading

Knowing our partner

It is amazing that I meet people as well as couples who come for coaching who know very little about their partner’s lives.

John Gottman, a renowned relationship expert, sees love maps in a different way. He explains that love… Continue reading

Love Maps

Lovemaps are those clusters of many thoughts and feelings that make up a picture that is usually in our subconscious minds about our ideal mate.

This conglomeration of various attributes often includes many aspects of our ideal mate’s personality. How… Continue reading