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Unity Ceremony Ideas

Although the wedding ceremony is the actual unity ceremony, having some symbolic gesture that you are joining together two separate lives and embarking on a new journey as one, is a creative way of showing and remembering your vows.

Below are some popular ways of doing this.

Unity Candle

The unity candle symbolises the single lives of two people that now become one, as well as the light of God shining in your marriage. The candle can also be lit at each anniversary to remind you of the vows you made on your wedding day.

Before the ceremony, someone lights the 2 single candles, symbolising you as two individuals. These candles are on either side of the unity pillar candle. After you have made your vows to each other, both bride and groom take the individual candles and light the unity candle together and then blow out the single candles, symbolizing two single lives becoming one.

If either or both of you have children, the ceremony can be adapted to include the children as follows: Bride and groom and each child are invited to light a taper from a side candle. Then, when ready, all tapers are brought together to light the Unity Candle. 

Unity Sand Ceremony

 In the Unity Sand ceremony, the couple pours various colours of sand from separate containers into one special container, the unity vase, symbolising the joining of two lives as one. The couple gets to keep the vase filled with sand as a reminder of their wedding day. 


Cord of Three Strands

The cord of three strands symbolizes the joining of one man, one woman, and God into a marriage. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom braid the Cord of Three Strands together. The groom holds a small metal ring (or cross) with three attached strands. The bride then braids the strands together, symbolizing the union of God, husband and wife.

While braiding the Cord of Three Strands, you may wish to have someone read an explanation of the ceremony. You may also simply play music or have a song sung. We have put together a few sample readings that you can use in your ceremony: View Sample Readings on 

Feet Washing Ceremony

This is a beautiful idea for a Christian wedding. It is a sign of being humble, thoughtful, and willing to serve each other. Have a beautiful pitcher with just a little water in it, a bowl, and a sponge. The bride and groom take their shoes off, place the sponge in the bowl, pour the water on top of the sponge, lightly wash each other’s feet with the sponge, then dry their feet off with a towel, and place their shoes back on once they are done. 

Plant Watering ceremony

This fun statement of unity leaves the bride and groom with a living symbol of their relationship. The tree planting ceremony not only incorporates a visual of togetherness, but it provides a concrete “takeaway” that will continue on with the couple far beyond the wedding day!

Display a potted plant, like a rose bush, at the front of your ceremony with one or two watering cans. At the appropriate moment, you and your new spouse can step over to water the tree together, symbolizing the tender care a relationship requires but also showing the beautiful growth that results. After your wedding, take the plant home and plant it in your garden. There you can watch your love plant bloom and grow throughout the years… just as your relationship will.

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