Please Note I Will Not Be Performing Marriages Until End Of July 2021.


The following is required BEFORE the date of the wedding:

  1. 3 ID Photos of each of the couple.
  2. Clear copies of the couples ID Documents.
  3. Clear copies of each of the witnesses ID Documents.
  4. If any party is divorced a copy of the final Decree of Divorce. (Front page)
  5. If any party is a widower or widow a copy of the Death certificate.
  6. Letter from your Lawyer if you have set up an Anti-nuptial Contract. The letter must have the notary’s stamp on it.
    NB. Ante-nuptial Contract MUST be signed at the Lawyer BEFORE the date
    of the wedding.
  7. Marriages of South African citizens to citizens of other countries. 

Due to untold problems with the marriages of South African citizens to citizens of another country I no longer perform such weddings.

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