The following is required BEFORE the date of the wedding:

  1. 3 ID Photos of each of the couple.
  2. Clear copies of the couples ID Documents.
  3. Clear copies of each of the witnesses ID Documents.
  4. If any party is divorced a copy of the final Decree of Divorce. (Front page)
  5. If any party is a widower or widow a copy of the Death certificate.
  6. Letter from your Lawyer if you have set up an Anti-nuptial Contract.
    NB. Ante-nuptial Contract MUST be signed at the Lawyer BEFORE the date
    of the wedding. 

Marriages of South African citizens to foreigners. 

According to legislation, ALL foreigners marrying a South African citizen on South African soil MUST secure an appointment for an interview with an Immigration officer at Home Affairs BEFORE the marriage can take place.  Both prospective spouses must be interviewed.  Only upon receipt of a declaration letter from the Immigration officer can the marriage go ahead.  NO marriages can be registered with Home Affairs without the letter from the Immigration officer, as well as all supporting documentation as above together with a letter of no impediment from the foreigners country of origin.

There is no need for an interview to be conducted where both prospective spouses are foreigners.  However, there is still a need for a letter of no impediment from the foreigner’s country of origin.

I am only able to officiate foreign weddings where the Immigration officer at Centurion Home Affairs office has been seen.

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