Please Note I Will Not Be Performing Marriages Until End Of July 2021.

Couple Counselling

As a marriage counsellor, I support you to transform your skills in relating to yourself and your significant other,

I understand each partnership is different, just as each individual and family is different.
Marriage needs a lot of commitment.
I will support you to develop commitment, confidence and deeper respectful connections. This will promote a growth mindset, supporting your desire for a lifetime relationship.

I use a Christian approach to, my counselling.

Counselling Services include:

• Specialist couple counselling for those in a special relationship that has lots of pressures on it.
• Counselling for individuals as part of a relationship

Couple counselling is:

• Personal development for the individuals within the marriage.

• Assisting to increase the opportunity to identify challenges and obstacles early  in a marriage where there are the situation is at an early stage and explore solutions

• Promoting healthier day to day relationship practices, leading to long-term marriages.

If you find that your marriage is not going as you would like it to be, or you and your spouse have reached a stage where you feel you have tried everything and nothing seems to have worked. I will be willing to do what I can to help you.

Counselling and the development of practical tools to be used in the marriage can be a preventative approach, giving you what you need to avoid any potential relationship break down.

When individuals are able to openly and safely express themselves, they can explore their thinking, emotions and behaviours contributing to what occurs within a marriage.

Through guided conversations, I assist you to create the respectful, confident, connected married relationship you both really want.

How I do this:

• In consultation with you as a couple, to determine a desired outcome
• Using guided conversations, appreciative enquiry and the power of listening
• Using a multidisciplinary approach to counselling
• Using customised proven tools, resources and information as required
• In person or online via Skype or Zoom.

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