Please Note I Will Not Be Performing Marriages Until End Of July 2021.

Marriage Officer Pretoria

I am very passionate about weddings and would like to share that passion with you on your wedding day.

I have as an ordained pastor and registered marriage officer been conducting marriages for more than 36 years. I am willing to conduct denominational and non-denominational Christian marriages for any couples. I also perform Renewal of Vows ceremonies for married couples who would like to remember the vows that they took at their wedding.

I conduct weddings in a church, at a wedding venue or even at your home. I am also willing to do weddings at my house, although I will have to restrict the number to a maximum of 8 people because of space.

As an ordained Christian pastor my beliefs are centred on God’s love. I am therefore convinced that it is the love of God that guides us in our daily lives as well as in our dealings with one another and in a marriage.

I am willing to work with any couple who would like me to perform their wedding. I will not judge any couple who come to me, divorced, living together or single. I am especially available for those who feel that they are “outside” of the church for whatever reason, as well as those who belong to no specific church.

I see a need for me to be available to those who do not have a pastor to do their wedding ceremony, as well as to those who do not want to get married at Home Affairs.

The only condition I have is that there is a Christian element to your wedding ceremony.

In planning your wedding I am open to your individual needs. If you would like to write your own vows I am there to help you or to suggest some vows that I have that you may want to use.

I am willing to guide you in the process of making your ideas a reality so that your wedding ceremony and wedding day fulfils all the dreams that you have. To do this I would like to meet with you at least once for an informal discussion before the wedding ceremony. It is always possible if there are problems to communicate by internet.

I believe that marriage is a serious decision in one’s life and that like everything else we need to take time to discuss what is involved. Couples who have been living together for a time also often find that after the ceremony things are a bit different.
As a couple coach I would like to talk with you about your coming marriage. This, however, is not a prerequisite for my doing your wedding.

My aim for your wedding day is to make it one that will be remembered by both you and your guests for a long time. To do that I am willing to give of my best for the ceremony and to say a few words that will remain on the minds of the guests for a long time.

I am based in Clubview, Centurion and am willing to travel within the areas of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Muldersdrift to do your wedding ceremony.

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